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Our company is in carpet business for a while now, over ten years to be exact, so it goes without saying that we had more than enough time to perfect and adjust our services so that every customers returns and spreads nothing but good words about us. We have variety of cleaning services that we offer to our customers. Most of them are available immediately once you make the call, while other needs scheduling. So make the call, schedule a cleaning service or bring your carpets to us and find out why everybody praises our services that much.

Things We Can Do For You

There is a variety of service types that we can offer to our customers, so next to regular cleaning of your carpet you can expect something more.

Dry-CleaningSpeaking of delicate materials of which your carpet is comprised of we have the best dry cleaning chemicals in state. Due to our extensive knowledge in carpet cleaning we use only the safest chemical, while paying attention not to cause chemical burn to your carpet or otherwise damage it.

How to Clean Stains On Carpet

If you want to remove the stains from the carpet by yourself, here is a useful tip that will save you time in scheduling a service. Use fabric softener mixed with detergent and washing powder, mix it up with warm water and distribute generously over the stain. Leave it for a while then add another dose while scrubbing it. Most of known stains will disappear after a couple of attempts.

baking soda

Natural Carpet Cleaning Products

Looking for natural cleaning products that won’t harm your health? Sprinkling liberally with baking soda on your stain, using vinegar, borax soda in combination with baking soda, all of these things are completely safe to use.

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