You can trust cleaning of your carpets to our maid service

Hiring professional, trained and uniformed maid service to do all the house cleaning on behalf of you is not a luxury anymore. Many people call for this option to get their houses cleaned properly and meticulously and to spare some precious time for more important things in life. Professional maid services involve trained, responsible and skilled technicians (women usually) that will come to your home fully equipped with various tools, chemicals, and supplies required for detailed cleaning of all the premises in your home. A common approach includes vacuuming, dusting all the surfaces, mopping the floors, making beds, scrubbing and cleaning bathroom and kitchen items (ovens and refrigerators go under the special request) and several more activities.

The service may be provided weekly, two-weekly, monthly or occasionally, when you request it. However, the large scale of services maids provides, when it comes to carpet cleaning, it usually comes down to vacuuming. Unless you call for rare maid services providing deep carpet cleaning as an integrated part of maid service. Although carpet cleaning is somehow reserved duty of specialized carpet cleaning companies in the cleaning industry, many maid services are willing to provide dry and deep cleaning, as well as stain removal process.

Maid may provide dry carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning is based on applying various effective chemicals onto the carpet’s surface layers and rubbing them against fibers to absorb as much as possible soil and dirt. This method won’t clean deeper layers, but it will suffice for carpets that are not heavily soiled. Maid services providing dry carpet cleaning are usually well trained to know the type of chemicals that should be applied to the carpet depending on the quality of the fibers, as well as the amount of it in order not to make stains or chemical burns. Drying takes only a few hours, and the result is pretty good.

Deep cleaning provided by maids

There are many various portable machines and systems designed for deep carpet cleaning that maids may bring into your house and conduct deep cleaning of all your carpets and rugs. Portable systems for deep carpet cleaning give the closest results to professional cleaning companies, except that the whole job will be provided by a maid and it’s certainly going to cost less. These machines are quite powerful, based upon a combination of vacuum and hot water rinsing with chemical absorbent, thus maid maneuvering them has to be skilled and trained to prevent carpet damaging and achieve the best results.

Stain removal

Stain removal is probably the most convenient task for maids when it comes to carpet cleaning. It can be tough and challenging, but trained maid’s familiar with the myriad of tricks for stain removal can handle it efficiently. They know the adequate combinations of materials and chemicals that will dissolve and remove the troubling stain, whether its urine, paint, wine, coffee, ink, mood or anything else. If the stain is identified prior maid’s arriving, they will bring all the required supplies for stain removal, and you will get your carpet back in its full colorful condition.