The best ways to clean the carpet stains

Let’s face it; every carpet is prone to occasional coffee spills or shoe stains. It’s inevitable; you’ll never be able to keep it spotless, especially if you have small kids or pets.

While many people resort to chemicals and powerful vacuum machines to clean their carpets, there are a couple of tricks which can help you get rid of dirt.

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Scrub the carpet

Carpet brush comes as a handy tool when you need to remove all the dust, soil, and pollutants. Of course, you’ll have to get down on your knees and rub hard.

Once you scrubbed the entire area, you’ll want to run a vacuum across the floor and pick up all dirt you loosened up. Basically, you should repeat this process every week because it keeps your carpets fresh and new.

Over time, dust tends to accumulate in rugs, and no matter how powerful your vacuum machine is, it won’t be able to pull out all the dirt.

Make a vinegar solution

Not every homeowner needs to buy a steam cleaner to have clean and fresh carpets. By making a white vinegar solution, you can maintain hygiene within your house and prevent bad smell.

To start, you’ll need a bucket of warm water and ¼ cup of white vinegar. Take a brush and dip it into the bucket, and then begin scrubbing the rug with the cleaning solution.

You’ll want your carpet to be wet enough, but not saturated. Once you scrub the carpet, fill the bucket with clean water, and make a second pass over the rug. After you complete the process, let it dry thoroughly.

The vinegar solution can clean various types of stains, such as coffee, blood, wine, or your pet’s mess.

Use baking soda

Backing soda is often advertised as a miracle product, and it can be used for almost anything. This is an inexpensive and eco-friendly solution that will tackle the stains and odor in your carpets.

So, cleaning your rug with backing soda is quite simple. Just spread the generous amount over the floor, or directly on a stain, and with a spray bottle lightly mist the area.

Let it soak for three hours and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the remains.

Dabbing is the key

We are almost sure that every homeowner gets a nervous breakdown every time he sees a new stain. However, dabbing instead of rubbing is key to removing it. You’ve probably made the same mistake countless times.

But when you dab the spot, you are soaking the residue, while rubbing only makes the it worse. Once you finished cleaning, you can add a couple of drops of essential oil to keep your rugs fresh and nicely scented. If you like stronger fragrances, peppermint or lavender might be a good choice.