What To Look For When Hiring A Cleaning Agency?

Do you need a reliable company that can offer professional cleaning services? Can’t realize what things you need to look for when choosing one? Well, we reveal the things that you must consider when selecting a service for cleaning your house. 21 Century Services, as one of the branded companies that are recognized, advises that you start by choosing a company through a recommendation. The word of mouth is the best way to present your service as you have satisfied clients who can testify you did a good job. Still, there are a couple of things that you can look for if you decide to choose on your own.

Association with other recognized organizations

The IICRC certificate is a must, and always look for the approval. This professional institution approves only the educated and skilled people and therefore you can be sure that you are dealing with the legit company. The more organization they work with and the more certificates they possess, it is more likely that they will do a good job and you will be satisfied.

The references

The more references they have, the better the company. Try to find out how many years they have been working in this industry, as that data explains lot. The companies that are good, usually operate many years and they have been often praised by the satisfied customers. Each time you see a legit reference, you can add a point to that company. In the end, compare which one has more points and go with that one.

Chemicals they use

The best cleaning companies utilize the power of toxic-free chemicals that are less hazardous to the people and the environment as well. The cleaning agents can be really dangerous if you get in contact with them so it is of the best benefits for all that a company you are planning to hire uses non-toxic solutions. The green sustainable solutions cannot provoke any harmful effects on your body and therefore it is the best way to clean your house.


While you don’t want to get ripped off, you also don’t want to pay less but to receive poor quality service. Always invite the service to inspect your house, as they could see how much of work is required there. The price varies on the area of house and how dirty it is so make sure you take that into an account. But do have in mind that services that offer high-quality services per a bargain price are too good to be true. Avoid such companies as they will charge you a lot, but you will not get the premium service they are usually talking about.

Methods of cleaning

If you are dealing with the respected and known commercial company, they will offer you many methods. These can include hot water extraction, dry cleaning, high flow extraction. Each of these methods do require a special set of equipment and therefore you can conclude you are dealing with the serious cleaning service.